PR – Wine & Country Weddings’ Promotes Annual Weddings of the Year Contest

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (July 2020) – After releasing Volume 5 of Wine & Country Weddings, Ivy Life & Style Media announces the upcoming start of its annual Wine & Country Wedding of the Year contest. From August 1–15, readers and brides can vote on their favorite “wedding of the year” from six stunning and unique real wedding stories from across Virginia wine country that were featured in Volume 5. 

Award-winning boutique publisher Ivy Life & Style Media once again celebrated the annual high-end art book, featuring elegant weddings in Virginia’s wine country with many local wedding professionals. Its sister publication, Wine & Country Life, and boutique shop, Charlottesville Wine & Country Shop, continues the brand through to life after marriage. 

Much like previous volumes, Volume 5 of Wine & Country Weddings captures the scenic mountain views, distinctive charm, rich history, farm-to-table dining and more. Each aspect inside this art book shows the reader how unique touches can be combined with timeless details to allow the true nature of a couple’s personality to shine through on the happiest day of their lives. The difference is that Volume 5 also includes weddings and professionals with a further reach into Virginia wine country, from Leesburg to Lynchburg. Published recently, the magazine can be purchased via print or digital versions here

Working with nationally acclaimed fine-art wedding photographer Jen Fariello as the Creative Consultant, Ivy Life & Style Media has created a truly lovely wedding art book that will further establish Virginia as a top wedding destination. Copies are available at select Barnes & Noble Booksellers nationwide along with high-end boutiques statewide. Copies can also be purchased online or from their office in Ivy, Virginia.

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