Jennifer Bryerton and Robin Bethke, Founders

Welcome to Ivy Life & Style Media! We’re happy to serve our Charlottesville, Virginia, community with award-winning niche publications and media services that are beloved by readers and businesses alike, including the CharlottesvilleFamily product line, the Charlottesville Welcome Book and our latest additions, Wine & Country Weddings and Wine & Country Life!

At Ivy Life & Style Media, formerly known as Ivy Publications, LLC, we’re inspired by the belief that by utilizing technology, working efficiently and attending to quality, we create publications and online channels that honor the reader and build a real connection with our businesses. This belief has led to prosperous and long-standing relationships with our clients, who entrust us with their advertising and have enjoyed great success utilizing our niche publications in print and online to effectively reach their target markets since 1998.

If you would like to talk about how we may be able to assist your company, please contact us via email at Sales@IvyLifeandStyleMedia.com or call our office at (434) 984-4713.

“Matchmaking local businesses to local readers with inspiring and informative lifestyle publications.”