CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (May 2001) – Due to the recent decision of Sabra Timmins of Oakley Imaging to discontinue her web site, (see Press Release of Oakley Imaging, Apr 9, 2001 posted at, an agreement between Timmins and has been reached to carry on the work of Timmins through the acquisition of the site by

Having started up within a couple of months of early in 1999, the CvilleKid web site has since served the Charlottesville region and especially newcomers to the area with charming outing write ups on everything from Charlottesville’s parks to what to expect in a visit to the Children’s Health Museum at the UVA Medical Center. “The site ( began out of my frustration as a parent about the lack of one good source for information about the wonderful programs and events for children in Charlottesville. Now that this information is out there (and now that I am a mother of two), it seems like a good time to stop”, says Timmons.

With the announcement of Timmins’ decision to take CvilleKid down,’s founder and Creative Director, Robin Johnson Bethke, was contacted by Timmins to take over CvilleKid in the same spirit of cooperation that they had established two years prior when the two women met to get to know each other. An agreement has been reached, and both anticipate that they will continue to support each others work. “I’m looking forward to enjoying more of these events with my family and spending more time on my photography business”, says Timmins. Timmins’ successful photography business is also under the name, Oakley Imaging.

With the unexpected acquisition of CvilleKid, Bethke states, “We don’t know just yet what we will be doing with the wealth of information that Sabra has put together in these past two years. The CvilleKid web site contains over 35 photographs and 65 pages of information. We will certainly integrate her work in a way that we feel best serves local families and we’re excited to have the opportunity to consolidate the work of both web sites. We’re already talking about incorporating Sabra’s terrific outings articles and expanding her extensive Charlottesville Parks Guide to include Albemarle Parks as well. We want very much, for the community to realize how much we have enjoyed Sabra’s open support of, even though some would consider us competitors. Both web sites have provided our community a great service and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to provide our readers with terrific new features.”

The AlbemarleKids web site is published weekly and receives 8000 visitors and well over 100,000 hits per month. also publishes a line of complimentary print publications on a quarterly basis and has recently introduced a new monthly email Newsletter.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about AlbemarleKids publications, please call (434)984-4713, or email us, or visit our virtual offices at


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