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PR – Charlottesville Families Are Earning More

Circulation Verification Council releases independent audit statistics indicating thatAlbemarleFamily Living Magazine readers are earning more than twice that of the general Charlottesville population

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (November 2010) – AlbemarleFamily Living, the award-winning magazine for Charlottesville-area moms and dads, has purchased an independent audit from the Circulation Verification Council (CVC) that turned up some encouraging news about the local Virginia economy. The audit reportsAlbemarleFamily readers are earning more than they were four years ago and more than the general Charlottesville population.

According to the CVC data, more than half of AlbemarleFamily readers earn over $100,000, and 1 out of 4 readers earn $150,000. Of the general Charlottesville population, less than 20% reported an annual income of $100,000 and above. This puts the AlbemarleFamily reader in a much wealthier position than the reader of a general circulation publication.

Compared to the audit conducted of AlbemarleFamily in 2006, readers are still predominantly women, ages 24-54, but the average household income has increased from four years ago and education continues to climb, with 3 out of 4 readers completing college or post-graduate studies.AlbemarleFamily reports almost double the number of college-educated readers when compared to the general population education levels in Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia. “When you look at these mothers with powerful purchasing power,” says Bethke, “it indicates that our community is faring well, as a whole, and that our readers, in particular, are doing very well.”

Ivy Publications continues to grow and expand despite the challenges that have plagued the local newspaper and national print media. Co-Publisher Jennifer Bryerton attributes their success to having a strong niche for their publications and a dedication to quality that has developed a loyal following for their magazines. “We take great pride in our work and in creating AlbemarleFamily – we always want it to be beautiful, filled with well-written community stories and local resources that will truly help busy parents and be a pleasure to read.” It is this dedication that has enabled Ivy Publications to grow by double-digit percentages every year since they began 12 years ago.

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