Charlottesville Wine & Country Living Releases Book Seven

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (October 2018) – A uniquely beautiful magazine expressing the elegant country lifestyle of Jefferson’s Virginia within a modern aesthetic, Charlottesville Wine & Country Living continues to tell our local story with its seventh book. Book Seven highlights the interests that Jefferson had in wine, interior design, the arts, literature, gardening, travel, entertaining, craft beverages, sporting life and more.

Presented on an artistic style of uncoated paper, Charlottesville Wine & Country Living features the fresh on-trend style and culture of our region. With exquisite imagery and an exclusive look into the world of our talented artisans, our unique lifestyle and our beautiful region, each of the perfect-bound copies of this lovely artistic magazine receive the highest attention to detail.

This publication is published twice per year, one for the Fall/Winter seasons and one for the Spring/Summer seasons. From the stunning photography and the inspiring design, to the artfully refined uncoated paper choice and engaging stories, Charlottesville Wine & Country Living brings together the best of print and social media to embody the beauty and down-to-earth luxury of our regional culture.

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