CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (April 2012) – Spring is in the air and we felt like a change! Starting April 1, AlbemarleFamily Living magazine is now CharlottesvilleFamily Living. This change, not the first in our 14 years of publication, was fueled by a recent survey, which revealed that two-thirds of our readers consider the city and the county as interchangeable. Charlottesville is a more prominent, recognizable name than Albemarle and four out of five county readers tell out-of-town friends and relatives that they live in Charlottesville. Our content has always been relevant to the Charlottesville community – now our name is as well. Some of our readers said that “Charlottesville is a small enough community that many ‘country’? customs and ways of living are incorporated into ‘city’ living” and that “Because activities, etc. are geared towards everyone, we’ve never felt like ‘outsiders’ in the county.” Readers clearly believe the whole Charlottesville-Albemarle community blends in well together and we have to agree. The publishers, local mom entrepreneurs, are well known for this monthly publication and for their support of many charitable organizations in both the city and the county.

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